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Vampire Knight Night Class Boy Kaname Kuran Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn

Vampire Knight Night Class Boy Kaname Kuran Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn(YDC296)

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Written by Hino Mori "Vampire Knight" so long silence of the girls to the animation to reproduce the vitality, and the production unit did not hesitate in just six months after the launch of the second quarter, showing the popularity of Sheng. Story background bloom in a snowy night in the blood of the ritual - five-year-old black main Yuki parents died, was the blood of the pure blood of the vampire king Jiu Lan Shu, the two were sent to the hunter black master Yan Yan management Black Master College, and the students and a group of people who swear and peace with the human blood collaterals living in the aristocratic vampire descendants live a life in the world. Coincidentally, was cited as a "wolf" burglary as a "vampire hunter" parents died in vain, vowing to virgins and condemnation of the cone is also zero Yan Yan adoption, and Yuki Ji under the same roof and fell in love with Her, ambiguous love triangle tepid start, until the black Lord Yan Yan's enemies Fei cherry leisure with the younger brother of a cone of Health appeared black master College, bent on revenge for the love of leisure, ignoring the pivot and zero The existence of the target straight Yuki's blood. With the withered of her life, lead the dark hands behind the minions around the corner, will be long-term conflict with the relative stability of the triangular relationship suddenly broke.
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