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Rurouni Kenshin Saito Hajime Shinsengumi Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn

Rurouni Kenshin Saito Hajime Shinsengumi Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn(YDC214)

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The story took place in early Tokyo Meiji Restoration. Ficun hero Kim Sum in the Bakumatsu is the Hangman reformers, called "throwing knives fast", killing countless. In the new era, he used a knife against the edge of the blade wandering, determined not to kill. God Valley in Tokyo, the temple, Kenshin and Kaoru found a group of friends. Which found that - the direction of the Sværd, the property of the heart. Reversing the blade of the Sværd, you might want to hide in silence his own advantage, but the Sværd is, after all, the Sværd, the Sværd into the sheath, there is no reason to say he has to hide her very well. Maybe it's to avoid the struggle of those rights, you may want to avoid unnecessary trouble, but always belongs to the beginning of the knife traction fasting people who are called, even if someone can inherit, although others can snatch a name such, but people mention the name, my mind is still a red back.
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