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Inuyasha Kikyou Coral Kimono Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn

Inuyasha Kikyou Coral Kimono Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn(YDC456)

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Big dog demon dog Dajia Wang and human princess sixteen night son - Inuyasha, because of their demigod status by human and monster exclusion, in order to become a real monster and want to get four soul jade; and witchia Campanulaceae in order to protect And purification of the soul of the four-yu, the use of spiritual power to continue to snatch the four souls of jade monster fighting and Inuyasha also saw the desire to have an ordinary life witch Platycodon grandiflorum. In constant mutual understanding, the two love each other, and eventually agreed to use the power of the four soul jade, the Inuyasha into human beings, guardian of the end of the Campanulaceae can return to ordinary life. However, in the agreed days, there have been unpredictable changes. In the betrayal of anger, exhausted efforts to Inuyasha seal in the Royal Træ, and then with four soul jade in the flame died.
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