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Hell Girl Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn

Hell Girl Jigoku Shoujo Ai Enma Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn(YDC568)

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In urban youth, there is such a rumor: as long as the zero hour in the night log "hell communication", the resentment of the name written down, and your resentment can be commissioned to the extent of hell girls will appear immediately to You hate people into hell. Unexpectedly, however, the rumor is true. Letters to Hell communication will be conveyed to a girl named Yan magic love, when she and resentment in the letter resonate, it will become a hell girl, release their followers into a scarecrow, and that the contract approach and consequences : As long as the straw on the red line, the contract will be established, hell girls will each other's resentment of the evil reproduce and exile to hell. However, when you release the resentment, they have to pay the price. The other party decided to curse the flow of hell, he must face the same fate after death, can not go to paradise, only hovering in hell. As to whether to untie the red line, is entirely the client's decision.
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