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Hack Hacker Space-Time Tsukasa Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn

Hack Hacker Space-Time Tsukasa Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn(YDC192)

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The story of the story, is a login name of the role of Secretary (curse teacher) woke up fra the coma, but he can not fra this online game "net world" log out. And he played a role in the game - under the guidance of Maharan, met the mysterious girl - Aura (precursor). The registration name for honey honey (heavy Sværdsman) and bear (Sværdsman), it is because the concern division, and in contact with him, feel hidden in the "net world" great change. In addition, the autonomy of players composed of autonomous groups - the Red Knights, it is specifically in the "net world" in picking all kinds of irregularities, for Mahar this unlikely character, nature is intolerable, In the same way, the divisions who had been in contact with Maha were hostile. Although the spiritual leader of the Pleiades was a pacifist, they still took the initiative to launch a roundabout operation against the division. The story is in the interaction of these major characters, the series formed. Among these people, the Division is a player can not log out. Division because of poor interaction with people, then put the "net world" as he avoided the place, but to the game, he will still escape. This set, in fact, also has the irony of the social phenomenon means. Moreover, we see in the story, but players are on the Internet's avatar, not the player himself. The whole "hacker space", is about a group of online gamers (in addition to the Secretary), through HMD (hood window) where the game. The story is based on the reality and the fictional world, and the story of the two focal points, one with the legend of the network "Twilight inscriptions" on, another focus is the bear in thinking of one thing - RESET after the world Will become how?
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