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Azumanga daioh Kvinde Uniforms Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn

Azumanga daioh Kvinde Uniforms Cosplay Kostume Fastelavn(YDC177)

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Azumanga Daioh chronicles everyday life in an unnamed Japanese high school of six girls and two of his teachers: wunderkind Chiyo Mihama and her struggle to fit in with girls five years old; Reserved Sakaki and her obsession with cute animals who seem to hate her; Spacey Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga with a skewed perspective on the world; Koyomi "Yomi" worsening annoying Mizuhara a better friend, Tomo Takino, whose energy is matched only by their lack of sense; Kagura sports and athletics sided rivalry with Sakaki; the teacher in charge of Yukari Tanizaki; and her friend, physical education teacher Minamo character "Nyamo" Kimura-sensei Kurosawa.Secondary includes a creepy teacher with an obsession with teenage girls, and Kaorin, a classmate with a crush on Sakaki. The story covers three years of tests, talking between classes, cultural festivals and sporting events in school and time spent traveling to and fra school, studying at the home of Chiyo, and beach vacations summer Chiyo house and magical fiction theme park land, concluding with the graduation of the main characters. In general, it is realistic in tone, marked by occasional episodes of surrealism and absurdity, as Osaka imagining a ponytail Chiyo being "unscrewed" head and an episode with dreams of the characters of the New Year.
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